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Fire Extinguisher and Fire

We Have a Great Range of Fire Extinguishers and Services available throughout Manchester & North West

When Were Your Fire Extinguishers Last Serviced?

Regular fire extinguisher servicing ensures that if disaster strikes and you need to use your fire equipment, it's safe and fully functional. It's recommended that you have your fire extinguishers serviced at least once a year, to make sure they're in top condition in case you need them.

Fire Extinguisher and Smoke

Fire extinguisher servicing

All aspects of extinguisher safety and performance checked.
From checking extinguisher seals and verifying inspection dates for your health and safety records to replacing faulty extinguishers and refilling empty ones, our fire extinguisher engineers cover everything you need for total confidence in your fire protection.

Yearly Service Contracts Available

Let us ensure that your extinguishers are serviced when they need to be with our yearly service contracts. We'll keep on top of your fire safety obligations for you, leaving you free to concentrate on running your business. Stay protected with Countrywide Fire Services - call now.

Red Fire Extinguisher close
BS Accredited

A Great Range of Fire Safety Equipment

Whether you're replacing your current fire equipment or looking to order fire extinguishers for your new business premises, Countrywide Fire Services can help. Based in Altrincham, we provide support and fire safety services for businesses throughout Manchester - call now for more information.

Fire extinguishers for a wide range of applications

Range Of Fire Extinguishers

Helping you get the right extinguishers for your premises.
Choosing fire safety equipment can be a confusing task, with so many different fire extinguisher types available. Our experienced fire safety team can help you to establish the right equipment for your needs - we'll even carry out a premises assessment and make recommendations for you.

Order all your fire equipment with Countrywide Fire Services

Fire Extinguishers on wall

Fire blankets, smoke detectors, signs and more.
Alongside our range of fire extinguishers, we have all the additional signage and safety equipment you'll need. Our consultants will identify everything you'll need to meet required fire safety standards and ensure that you get a great deal on top quality products.

Fire Extinguisher Types: Helping You Choose

Red Fire Extinguisher close up

Different fires require different extinguishers to avoid making the problem worse - a water extinguisher on an electrical fire can cause shock, while CO2 can mix with chemical fires and cause an explosion. We'll ensure you've got the right extinguishers, and teach your staff how to use them.

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Get a complete fire safety package with your local safety consultants - call Countrywide
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